Major Scientific Topics

  • Quantitative Linguistics and Exact Text Analysis
  • Autorship identification, Sound structures, Micropoetics, Rhythm, Stylistics, Complexity and compensation in texts, Text laws, Text typology, Word frequencies, Grapheme Frequencies, Word length, Sentence length, Verse structures, Text typology
  • Literary and Cultural Theory / Theory of Cultural Systems
  • Formalism, Structuralismus, Theory of dynamic systems, Self regulation in texts and cultural systems, Narrative structures, Dialogue structures
  • Paroemiologie (Proverb Scholarship) / Theory of Simple Forms
  • Proverb, Riddle, Charm, Empirical Proverb Scholarship, Logical structures of folklore, Semantic Universals in Folklore
  • Semiotics: Theory of sign systems, structures, and processes
  • Sign, Text, Model, Writing systems, Process-related semiotics, Cultural Semiotics, Moscow/Tartu School